DISTRICT Arts is dedicated to representing the work of local, regional and nationally recognized artists whose styles and techniques evoke the modern world through the dramatic use of color and form.  Paint, ink, glass, clay, digital art, paper, wood, mixed media and sculpture are all represented.

The juxtaposition of the designs and themes on our walls and pedestals with the surrounding centuries-old historic spires and buildings in Frederick, MD illustrates that contemporary can honor tradition.

A walk through downtown Frederick will bring you by many fine galleries. The program at District Arts, however, is unique in its exclusive focus on contemporary art.

We are Staci and Bill McLauchlan – the founders of District Arts.  We came to open the gallery after years of exhibiting our own fabric-based digital art in juried street art festivals throughout the country where our work has been awarded multiple blue ribbons.

While participating in these shows, we had the opportunity to become acquainted with the work of some of the finest active contemporary artists in the country.  Traveling from show-to-show, week-after-week, gave us the time to watch the evolution of their styles and the excitement that those changes bring.  Our mission is to share that excitement with you.